Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu) (IMONED)

Learn more about your personal strengths and the areas where you can enhance the ways in which you use digital technologies for teaching and learning. Answer the 22 questions of this self-assessment to receive detailed feedback with useful tips and the key milestones on your personal roadmap to innovating teaching

Currently, all IMONED project partners are working on the first phase of the project, collecting all information from their respective countries related to distance learning in schools by means of desk research, questionnaires and interviews. Once all this information has been collected, it will result in an international report on the state of the art of distance learning in schools at European level, as well as the development of a Curriculum Remote Teaching. 

DigCompEdu Check-In

This tool will help you to reflect on your digital competence as an academic teaching in higher and further education.

If you work in primary, secondary or initial vocational education and training, we recommend that you use the following version of the tool:

If you work in adult education or provide continuous professional development, we recommend that you use the following version of the tool:

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