Project IMONED platform

The project is directed for school education – teachers of various kinds of schools (primary and secondary). Project answers to the priority “Strengthening the profiles of the teaching profession” by elaborating dedicated for school education and teachers products.

Those products are devoted to teachers who are not very familiar with distance learning problems in the current epidemic situation. Apart from the present situation the problem with gaps in knowledge among teachers in the area of distance learning will last. The IMONED project, by answering the priority ” Innovative practices in the digital area” is going to help to reduce these problems in countries, where the problem appeared unexpectedly.

Project IMONED aims also for long term needs of teachers to raise their skills and competences in elaboration of the modern educational content for their apprentices and permanent self-development in the innovative and modern technologies and tools.

Meeting the objectives of the project will be developed intellectual outcomes:

IO1 – New and innovative curriculum of the distance learning and training methodology.
IO2 – Technological abilities and devices for sorting out separation learning and tools for creating content for separation learning.


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