In modern society, the recipient of the content is affected by many stimuli, which tend to grow. After
considering this, the requirements for educational content are changing. The educational content is
supposed to affect all senses of the listener: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. Even though it seems very
difficult to appeal to all senses at the first glance, in these recommendations we will try to give you the
main tips on developing attractive educational content.

To begin with, to determine characteristic features of the main elements, the target auditory should be
identified as well as the way how it receives information should be determined. For instance, preschool
children obtain more information via images. In comparison, gymnasium students receive information
well via text and images become additional content or video can be the main content. There are several
points, which should be taken into consideration while preparing educational content of any topic:
● Target auditory;
● Focused text;
● Visual material of high quality;
● Length of video material;
● Integration of interactive tasks for accenting the main message developed by the educational
● The correct proportion of text, images, video, and interactive tasks, i.e., do not overload the
content with one element but combine and integrate several elements.

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