Main recommendations for developing an attractive content

Canva is a tool that has revolutionized everyone's ability to create engaging content. From the ability to
visualize a message to the ability to create video content, this application provides the ability to visualize.
The most important feature of this application is the large number of free designs created by professionals.
Everything is free to use without any restrictions. There is also a pro level, where a fee is charged, then
even more possibilities are available. The basic free use of the app is open to everyone. Therefore, with
this app it is possible to encourage students to create their own content, as well as for teachers to transfer
their content creation here. In this part of the topic, we will briefly introduce the basic overview of Canva.

Key features. In the menu, you'll see all the designs you've used and all the work you've started and
finished. The app is special because it saves your work automatically (in case you accidentally shut down
the app, the internet goes down, etc.). The app also allows you to share your work in progress with a
colleague who is connected to the app - they can make corrections directly in the app. has an
advanced content scheduler function: once you have created a post for social networks, you can set a time
when the post will be automatically published on the social network - this is how communication
scheduling systems work. Folders can be set up in their own system.

To improve your knowledge of material visualization and preparation, you can study for free on is one of the most popular and largest learning community platforms. Its
training materials are prepared by universities around the world. The platform provides most of its
information in English (other languages are also available, but with significantly fewer options). The search
engine will give you a range of learning offers if you enter a topic of interest. The training is free of charge,
but if you want to get a certificate, you will have to pay a fee. With free training, you get free access to the
material you are interested in, and you can participate in billing. This platform is useful both for finding
new information and for reviewing new methods, which can then be used successfully in your professional
The advantages and disadvantages of working with Canva are:
a) Extremely large supply of ready-made templates
b) Fast and easy use for every user
c) The usual template creation model
d) Ease of sharing the content created with the team
e) Login and use of most templates is free
f) Various saving formats available
g) Created templates remain and are automatically saved
h) Some fonts are not adapted to Lithuanian
i) No popular power point template
j) Only works with internet connection


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